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You are wired for success

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Maybe you're in a job with no opportunities to advance, or maybe your work just doesn't seem to suit you at all. We've been there, and we're here to help! You have a unique set of abilities and interests, and there is a job out there that is just right for you. By helping you identify how you are uniquely designed for success and what you really want out of a career, we will help you gain clarity, develop a plan, and finally achieve your goals!

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Clarify Your Plan to Succeed

When working with clients who are in your position, we've found that one of their greatest challenges is clarity. Sometimes, when we've been stuck in an unfulfilling, dead-end job, it's hard to remember what we really want, what our giftings are, and what we're interested in.

That's why we start our career coaching with assessments to map your career interests, motivational values, personality type, strengths, and skills. Once we've discovered how you are uniquely wired for success, we follow a proven, 4-step process to identify an occupation with a bright future.

A Proven Process to Find Your Ideal Career

Our proven, 7-step process will help you land a better job.

What's included?

  1. Three coaching sessions in the standard package
  2. Help clarifying your ideal work
  3. Guidance to upgrade your resume and LinkedIn profile
  4. A proven networking strategy to identify opportunities to do the work you want to do
  5. Interview preparation
  6. As needed, we’d exchange e-mail, texts or just-in-time short phone calls in between scheduled coaching sessions.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! Curtis has helped hundreds of clients find their ideal careers. Check out this testimonial from one of the professionals Curtis helped:

Caroline Yang

Curtis helped me find a better job by helping me build clarity and focus on what I wanted in my new role. This helped channel my energy and focus only on roles that benefited me and the results were amazing. I had 3 phone sessions with Curtis over a month and landed 5 job offers in 2 weeks. I’m truly thankful, grateful and amazed with what can be accomplished with “focus” and “clarity”. I highly recommend Curtis’ sessions to anyone seeking a more fulfilling life and who wants to get there soon.

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