Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. – Dr. John C. Maxwell

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Curtis served as my coach for roughly 2 years. I first asked him to coach me as I developed a plan to follow-up on a 360 degree feedback survey in which I asked subordinates, colleagues and my boss to give me feedback. Curtis has a knack for asking the questions that get at the heart of the matter. He rarely gave me advice, but asked me to think through the situation to come up with my own answer. He almost always had a book or technique. Curtis is also excellent at helping you set goals. He introduced me to his “7 Steps for Finding the Job You Want”, ostensibly to help my daughter in a job search. The booklet is so good I am using it to revise my personal goals. Curtis’ biggest help for me was introducing me to personal affirmations that have made a marked difference for me by building my confidence and focusing me on what I really want to accomplish. Curtis challenged and helped me to be a better leader. – Tom Sauer: Houston, Texas

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