If you’re doing something you love, and you’re great at it, life can’t be better. – Irene Tse

   College majors don’t have warning labels

Millennials                                 4 Challenges Millennials Face Launching a Career

We offer a proven process to help young people choose a career. It includes formal assessment of their “human software” (career interests, motivational values, personality type, strengths & skills), detailed job descriptions and salary information for more than 900 occupations, and coaching sessions to guide them to identify an occupation with a bright future that matches how they’re designed for success.

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Becky and I, as parents of two teenage sons, were alarmed by statistics regarding high college dropout rates, underemployment among young college graduates, and the widespread “failure to launch” of our children’s generation. It was our goal that our children graduate from college debt free and that our hard earned dollars be spent wisely and effectively to usher our boys into careers that they loved. We discovered that this process began sooner than we were prepared for and we felt overwhelmed and underequipped.

Having known Curtis Swisher and his work for a number of years, we turned to him for help. Both of our sons participated in his career workshop during their junior years of high school. These workshops were eye-opening and of great benefit! Curtis gave our boys tools, resources, and CONFIDENCE to pursue the educational and career paths that best suited each of them. The money we spent with Curtis was a wise investment in our children’s future—an insurance policy, if you will. And, we are happy to report that our older son has a master’s degree and is 100% off our payroll, while our younger son is a junior in college. Thanks to Curtis, we didn’t worry about our sons making costly mistakes in choosing their college and career paths. – L. Shayne Green: Lake Jackson, Texas

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